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Damp Proofing

Damp proofing is a general term that covers methods and treatments used to prevent damp from being absorbed through walls or floors into the interior of a property. The common signs of damp include tidemark on the wall surface, damage to plaster, staining and discoloration, peeling wall paper, decayed timber floors or loose paint. Any property can be subject to damp problems, especially older properties which may have been constructed without any damp-proofing or where the existing damp proof course has failed. Whether its rising damp or penetrating damp, we can identify the issue within your property and offer a reliable service to solve it.

Condensation Control

A lack of adequate air ventilation within a property is the leading cause of condensation. Common improvements such as double glazing, increased insulation or draught excluders have the unintended effect of causing this issue as they may seal damp air within a property and thereby allowing condensation problems to fester; creating  unhealthy, damp and musty atmospheres.

Another contributing factor is our own human behaviors that add to excessive condensation and moisture in the home. Certain unavoidable daily activities including cooking or showering emits humid air into the atmosphere, which if unable to escape is likely to result in condensation, leading to mould growth. 

Renovations and Building Projects 

We offer a high standard of work and a quality service in renovating properties. With services ranging from a simple redecoration project, full garage conversion to a kitchen or bathroom remodel. DB prides itself in making your dreams a reality, with a professional, friendly and honest experience from start to finish.


One of the final stages in completing a living or work space is plastering; an essential part in creating the right finish. Ranging from decorative plaster mouldings to new and restorative plaster works. This service provides you with the perfect surface ready for decorating.

Dry Lining

We offer a full range of dry lining systems such as direct bonding, metal frame fix and self- contained metal stud linings. There is a variety of different plasterboard types to suit your needs. Drywall systems can provide added moisture, acoustic and fire protection. As an alternative to traditional sand and cement or wet plaster finishes; dry lining is a simple and effective technique for lining to brick, block and concrete walls. It can be taped and jointed or alternatively, can be plastered to provide the right surface ready for decoration.


A common pest within the UK is woodworm.  Any property, regardless of age, can be afflicted by these critters which attack decorative as well as structural timbers resulting in extensive repair work to the building in severe cases.

For up to five years woodworm larvae will reside in timbers and wood, consistently chewing through the wood before transforming into their adult state, finally emerging from the wood to begin the cycle again.  


Here at DB damp proofing and building services we take pride in everything we do, offering a professional, friendly and reliable service to all customers. Covering areas across Sussex, Hampshire and Surrey, we deal with a full range of damp proofing and condensation solutions as well as a wide range of building services; from a simple job to a full renovation. Our clients include homeowners, landlords, letting agents, architects and developers.






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